Ghani Gases
Board of Directors
Masroor Ahmad Khan Chairman
Atique Ahmad Khan Chief Executive Officer
Hafiz Farooq Ahmad Director
Tahira Naheed Director
Ayesha Masroor Director
Rabia Atique Director
Saira Farooq Director

The founders of Group Mr. Aitzaz Ahmad Khan, Chairman Ghani Glass Limited and Mr. Muhammad Ahmad started the business in “1963” by establishing a mining firm in the name of Ahmad Brothers & Co. Group founders having career of a highly motivated religious personality with a feel for education and social sector development is marked as a big hallmark for the Group.

Ghani Global Group is combination of variety of industries. All the sponsors have decades of experience and expertise in glass manufacturing, mining, textile gases and automobile industries.

Present and ex-associations of sponsors of Ghani Global Group:

  • Ahmad Brothers & Company
  • Ghani Gases
  • Ghani Global Glass
  • Ghani Glass
  • Ghani Automobile Industries
  • Ghani Mines
  • Makerwall Collieries
  • Shadman Mall
  • Al-Muhamdus Corporation

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