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Executive Director  

 Mr. Farzand Ali is a Chartered Accountant (finalist) and a qualified Chartered Secretary. He is also a fellow member of Institute of Taxation Management. Before his bachelor’s in commerce he was awarded a gold medal by Sind Board of Technical Education. Mr. Farzand has more than three decades of experience in finance, accounts, corporate and administration.   

After completion of articles from Hashmi & Co., Chartered Accountants, Karachi in 1986, he joined Adamjee Insurance Company Limited.

Thereafter, during 1989 he joined Ghandhara Nissan Diesel Limited, a listed automobile company based in Karachi.

In June, 1992, Mr. Farzand joined Ghani Group as a Finance Manager. He remained chief accountant of Ghani Glass Limited and other companies of Ghani Group from 1992 to June, 2002. In 1998 he was promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager Finance. During 2002 he was transferred as head of corporate division of Ghani Group where he remained in this position as well as Company Secretary of the Group Companies till February, 2008. Thereafter he shifted to Ghani Global Group as General Manager Corporate.

Mr. Farzand plays a vital role in all important decisions of the group. He developed a sophisticated and workable corporate structure at Ghani Group. Mr. Farzand also implemented various systems including quality system in the group companies successfully. He has attended numerous seminars, workshops and short courses on different subjects.

Mr. Farzand Ali is certified director under the code of corporate governance. He is also hold directorship in Ghani Global Glass Limited an associated company.


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